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A Few Things We Do. . .


Well, maybe you could do our job. But it won't be just any day of the week. If your intentions are to succeed in this business then you will be charged with satisfying more than a handful of clients, mortgage lenders, appraisers, inspectors, vendors and many others. We deal with the various associates and clients EVERY DAY of the week as well as most nights, weekends, holidays, special occasions, and every other type of occasion.

Let's make a couple of things crystal clear. There are real estate agents and then there are Good real estate agents. Here are a few things that we do...

To service our clients and stay competitive in our profession, today's Real Estate Agents are expected, assumed, requested, required and/or demanded to perform, be proficient and knowledgeable in the following areas: brokerage service, tax rate advisor, appraiser, mortgage lender, financial planner, legal expert, credit counselor, city planner (fortune teller), building inspector, chauffeur, shuttle service, travel agent, tour guide, delivery person, public relations expert, therapist, marriage counselor, family doctor, babysitter, advertising executive, general contractor, construction estimator, locksmith, yard man, maintenance man, garbage man, pest control expert, plumber, electrician and alarm system specialists.

We are often the fall guys when interest rates move or when your house doesn't sell within the first 30 minutes, and when we can't satisfy your search for properties that are priced higher than your budget will allow.

It is helpful that our talents include being a diplomat, skilled photographer, dedicated student for continuing education, negotiator, referee and in general, a walking library of information for everything about anything, including what buyer is qualified, whose check is good and whose wife or husband isn't.

We must know about schools, churches, governments, public utilities, crime rates, world affairs, future developments and city growth, transportation, day care, shopping, home owner's associations throughout the area among other things.

So be nice to your Broker/Agent! Next time you start thinking "They have it so easy" go spend a day with your agent. In the office and driving miles and miles around the County, you will very quickly realize that, like most of us, they work hard for their money! You will also more than likely find that despite the agent benchmark explained above, we, at APEX Real Estate Co. really have a passion for what we do because we love people, we provide top-notch service and we change lives!

APEX Real Estate Company
 7221 Eastridge Rd.
Odessa, TX 79765
(432) 614-1446 Office
(432) 552-0277
(432) 653-0697 Fax

Laura Haynes - Owner/Broker
General email: Laura@APEXRealEstateCo.com

See "Our Team" for individual agent contact information

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